Application Support Services

Experienced, comprehensive support for all user levels.

Application Support Welcome to Northwest Software's application support center. Our team of professionals provides the most comprehensive support for event fundraising software. Here at the support section of our site you will find multiple ways to not only contact our application support team, but to also gain access to our Online support library of self-help reference material.

Traditional Phone Support

Application support via phone is available to all users worldwide through our U.S. and Canadian subsidiary office, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Moutain Time Monday thru Friday. To accommodate budgets of all sizes and user need, phone support is offered on an annual or per-incident paid support basis.

Support representatives can be reached by calling:

For Auction-Tracker and all related services:
USA Boise, Idaho 855.245.7500
Canada Vancouver, BC 604.431.6732

After Hours Support

After hours phone support is available on a call-back basis until 9 p.m. Mountain Time Monday thru Saturday by calling the U.S. Office number above. Additionally, extended after hours, until midnight Mountain Time Friday and Saturday nights, is available for those at their event.

Online Chat Support

Save a long-distance call and chat with a member of the application support team online! Your paid phone support agreement does apply to online chat. Northwest Software team members are available online anytime between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Mountain Time Monday thru Friday.

Email Support

Don't have an urgent question? Email your question to the support team 24/7. Assistance via email is provided at no charge when responses are able to be provided via return email. Our support email address is monitored days/early evenings six days a week.

Online Reference Center

Access to information that allows you to be successful in the day-to-day use of your Tracker-Series application is key to your success. Access to this information is provided 24/7 to allow you the freedom to work when it is most convenient for you!

End-users are provided access free of charge to our Online Support Reference Center. Users gain access to:
  • Instructional materials for Tracker-Series applications
  • Application and utility downloads
  • A full text search KnowledgeBase
  • And more!
Access to the Support Reference Center is by password and limited to licensed users.