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The event management tool trusted by more benefit auction professionals world-wide. Effectively manage your benefit auction event with easy to implement, time-proven technology.


Plan, execute and analyze every aspect of your event fundraising banquet including Pay Per Plate, Open RSVP, Political Fundraisers and more with our time-tested relational data management tool.
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The key to a successful software installation is in the company that backs its products. Northwest Software backs its applications with comprehensive support plans that are unmatched!

Welcome To Northwest Software!

The pioneering The pioneering and leading developer of event fundraising software.

The Tracker-Series! Thank you for your interest in Northwest Software's Tracker-Series fundraising event application suite. Northwest Software offers its applications under traditional commercial software licensing. This means that our end-users never pay annual license renewal fees or a percentage of their gross event revenues per event as a fee to use our applications. The Tracker-Series application suite offers solutions that effectively manage walk-a-thons, fun runs, benefit auctions, fundraising banquets and charity golf tournaments of all sizes and variations imaginable. Nearly $4 BILLION dollars in successful fundraising event management has been entrusted to Tracker-Series applications since 1990!

The Tracker-Series!

The "Balanced" approach to Event Fundraising!

While event fundraisers are exciting and fun, their purpose is to raise funds in support of your organization's mission. Behind any successful event is hours of planning, preparation and organization. Building on an event's success year over year requires the fostering of long-term relationships and strategic planning from event to event.

No matter how much your event makes, it cannot magically achieve financial success on its own. Strategic planning, procurement and building long-term relationships from event to event are needed for your fundraising efforts to thrive and grow. In today's economy you need powerful, proven and time-tested relational data management tools to achieve this.

Our applications are more than event management... they are event fundraising development! Tracker-Series applications are powerful data management tools that facilitate strategic analysis and planning, bringing all your fundraising efforts together for consistent, long-term growth.